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MEPCO Net Metering

Net metering, sometimes called solar metering, is one of the advanced electricity generation systems that uses solar panels and sells excess power to the national grid. In the sub-continent, the climate is hot, and the sun shines the whole day, so countries like Pakistan have a very high potential to produce electricity through solar systems. 

In Pakistan, GOVT allows its people to produce electricity through solar energy and can sell the surplus to the national power stations. This way, consumers can reduce their bills to 99 percent or sometimes 100 percent. 

Moreover, NEPRA issued the rules and regulations for solar net metering in Pakistan in SEP 2015. Let’s discuss how this system works and the procedure for applying net metering.

Net Metering in Pakistan

Solar metering or net metering is a very popular technique worldwide, but it is a comparatively new concept in Pakistan. Except for the northern areas of Pakistan, the sun shines abundantly, and the climate here, especially in the Punjab and Sindh provinces, is very hot. In the hot environment of Pakistan, one can easily generate solar energy as needed and sell the extra energy to national grids. However, all this can be done by installing a suitable net meter at homes and supplying the extra electricity to the power grid.

How does Net Metering Work?

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First of all, it is very important to understand the function of net metering and how it works. We can divide the tasks of net metering into four simple steps. 

  • Solar panels produce energy directly from the sun and convert it into direct current (DC). 
  • The solar inverter transforms Direct Current (DC) into Alternating Current (AC), fulfilling our electricity needs.
  • Surplus electricity is sent to the national grid for distribution. 
  • A smart meter tracks the intake and distribution of electricity across the national grid.

With solar net metering, if your solar panels produce more electricity than you need, you are officially credited for it. Among all the good things about solar metering, the most appealing is that when your panel doesn’t produce much power on cloudy days, you can still get electricity from the grid, and they will take away from the credits you have saved up. At the end of the month, your bill depends on how much power your solar system sends to the grid and how much you get from the grid. All this function is called net metering.

How to Apply for MEPCO Net Metering?

The net metering process in Pakistan is very simple, but many discrepancies are hidden. NEPRA Pakistan has passed a regulation with all the requirements to become a part of net metering. Follow these simple steps to send an application form to the Distribution Company (DISCO).

  • Please send your application form and all necessary documents to the DISCO office. The relevant staff will carefully review your application and confirm receipt of your application for further processing. 
  • If they find missing documents or applications, the DISCO staff will give you seven grace days to meet the terms. 
  • When your documentation process has been completed, the DISCO will thoroughly review your paperwork again. They will minutely assess to determine whether you meet the requirements for connecting to the grid. 
  • This review will take 20 working days to finalize your application. 
  • If your application doesn’t meet the NEPRA rules, DISCO can reject it, and you will be informed about it with valid reasons. 

Required Documents for Net Metering

Before applying for net metering, it is very important to know about the required documents. These documents are discussed below.

  • A copy of your current CNIC
  • One copy of your current MEPCO electricity bill
  • A serial number of your inverter is also required.
  • NOC by a power inspector
  • A single-line diagram illustrating a 3-phase connection.
  • The technical details of the inverter
  • An affidavit of a minimum of 50 to 100 rupees. 
  • It is essential to provide the company invoice from the installer responsible for installing the entire system, referred to as AEBD authorization.

Eligibility Criteria of MEPCO Net Metering 

Before installing net metering, one should certainly know about the eligibility criteria of MEPCO net metering in Pakistan. Following are some of the key components of net metering. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Grid Access

Before taking advantage of net metering, the first and foremost thing you should do is to be connected to the national grid. By connecting to the national grid, you can sell your extra energy to NEPRA. In short, ensuring you are linked to the main power grid is very important.

Three-Phase Meter

The second important component of net metering is the availability of a three-phase meter. It means that if you produce more electricity than you need, it can go back to the grid to power other homes in your area.

Load Optimization

Load optimization is also one of the important aspects of net metering. Beware of the consumption of electricity from the national grid lower than the capacity of your solar panel. A consumer with 3 KW of solar panel can apply for net metering. However, the total electricity supplied to the meter should be 2KW or less.

Capacity of Solar System for Home Use

Before purchasing a residential solar system, it is also crucial to understand your exact requirements. Give yourself time to invest in any field, especially the solar sector. Making the right decision will certainly save you both time and money. Below are the specifics of the solar system, including capacity and electricity consumption units.

Solar System CapacityPer Day Production/UnitsMonthly Production/Units
3KW10 to 12 Units300 to 400
5KW15 to 19 Units500 to 600
7KW28 to 40 Units850 to 1200
10KW36 to 48 Units1000 to 1500
15KW50 to 60 Units1700 to 1800
20KW80 to 90 Units2200 to 2400
25KW90 to 100 Units2800 to 3000
30KW100 to 120 Units3400 to 3600
35KW140 to 175 Units4200 to 5200

Benefits of Net Metering

Solar metering is the ultimate solution in energy-crisis countries like Pakistan. It offers various advantages to not only customers but also electricity-producing companies. Some of these are mentioned below:

  • You can reduce your electricity bills to zero level. 
  • It helps the government save revenue by cutting hydropower dams and reducing thermal power (fossil fuels). 
  • Small businesses can grow without paying a lot for energy.
  • Reducing the burning of fossil fuels to generate electricity helps protect our planet from the dangers of global warming and ensures a safer future for all.
  • Solar power companies can create job opportunities for young engineers and have proved beneficial for unemployed people.


Net metering in Pakistan is an effective way of billing that helps the solar industry be more involved in balancing energy needs. You can also apply for net metering if your home has solar panels. The cost of your panel depends on how big the system is and how much electricity is consumed regularly. It usually costs between 90,000 to 130,000 rupees. It will not only help create jobs but also tackle unemployment in Pakistan.


Net metering in Pakistan is an advanced electricity generation system that allows consumers with solar panels to sell surplus electricity back to the national grid, reducing their electricity bills to zero.

The process usually takes about 20 working days to finalize by the Distribution Company.

All the customers connected to the national grid, with a suitable solar panel system, size, and load optimization, are eligible for net metering.

The required documents for net metering in Pakistan are a copy of your CNIC, your current electricity bill, the serial number of your inverter, NOC from the power inspector, a single line diagram, which illustrates a 3-phase connection, all the technical details of your inverter, and an affidavit of minimum 50 to 100 rupees.

The price of green meters varies from time to time nowadays; the official price of green meters is almost 35000/ rupees. 

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