MEPCO Bill Calculator

MEPCO Bill Calculator

Quickly estimate your MEPCO electricity bill with our easy-to-use MEPCO bill calculator. Enter your consumed units in the input field, and our user-friendly tool provides a nearly exact estimate based on the latest MEPCO tariff. The MEPCO bill calculator 2024 is a very efficient tool that gives you the estimated bill amount and critical details like the due date and surcharge after the due date.

To check your consumed units, visit MEPCO bill and enter your 14-digit reference number or 10-digit consumer ID, which has been printed on your bill. Please be aware that there may be slight differences between the actual and estimated bills due to specific customer taxes. 

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The MEPCO tariff on your bill mainly depends on how much electricity you have consumed. The more you use, the higher the rate per unit will be charged. Moreover, unit rates also depend on your connection type and load category. For example, commercial and industrial customers face higher rates than domestic customers. For a better understanding, check the details below for the complete MEPCO tariff structure.


 Units/Per Month Units/Per Month
  Up to 50 units (life line)  Rs. 3.95
 51 to 100 units (life line) Rs. 7.74
 001 to 100 units Rs. 7.74
 101 to 200 units Rs.10.06


 Units/Per Month Units/Per Month
   1 to 100  Rs. 16.48
 101 to 200 units Rs. 22.95
201 to 300 units Rs. 27.14
301 to 400 unitsRs. 32.03
401 to 500 unitsRs. 35.24
501 to 600 unitsRs. 36.66
601 to 700 unitsRs. 37.80
Above 700 unitsRs. 42.72

In tariff A-1, the minimum customer charges whether electricity has been consumed or not as follows.

  • For single-phase connections: Minimum of 75/ Rupees per customer charged.
  • For three three-phase connections: Rs. 150/- per consumer or meter charged.

Now let’s talk about the General Supply Tariff for commercial users.

In tariff A-2, the minimum customer charges are as follows:

  • For Single Phase Connection: Rs. 175 Per Meter Monthly
  • For three Phase Connections: Rs. 350/- Per Meter Monthly
Sr #Tariff CategoryFixed ChargesVariable Charges Without PYAVariable Charges With PYA
B1(a)For 25kW34.3834.33
B2(a)Exceeding 25-50050034.2238.83
B1(b)Up to 25KWPeak–31.80Off-Peak-32.33
B2(b)Exceeding 25-500500Peak-31.49Off-Peak-32.12
B3load upto 5000 KW460Peak-30.84Off-Peak-32.03
B4For all loads440Peak-30.20Off-Peak-31.93

For B1 and B1(b) users, a fixed minimum amount of Rs. 380 per month charges.

This charge is determined as 50% of the sanctioned load or the actual monthly MDI, whichever is higher. There will only be a minimum monthly charge if electricity is consumed.

Using the MEPCO bill calculator for residential or industrial purposes is simple and quick. You just need to follow these steps:

  • Understand how to read your electricity meter.
  • Now click on the button to access the MEPCO bill Calculator.
  • Input the necessary details, including your connection and meter phase type, consumed units, etc.
  • Click “Submit
  • You will see the estimated bill on your screen within a few seconds.

It’s important to note that the values provided here are approximate and may not be exact.

The MEPCO calculator provides various advantages, some of which include:

  1. It’s free to use.
  2. It saves us a lot of time and effort.
  3. It gives immediate results.
  4. Using this calculator, you can monitor your electricity consumption. 
  5. It can help you save your electricity consumption through regular estimation.

In short, the MEPCO calculator 2024 is a handy and valuable tool that accurately estimates your electricity bill. Its user-friendly features save your time and effort and get the best results. Users can quickly obtain an estimated bill, including fixed taxes, by simply entering the consumed units. It is also important to note that the estimated bill may vary slightly due to additional taxes applied to some users. Don’t waste your precious time on manual calculations; utilize this manual MEPCO bill estimator and simplify your life.


You can determine the per-unit cost by visiting the website and enter the units you consume into the input field.

A single unit of electricity is equivalent to one kilowatt-hour, indicating the energy consumed by a 1 kW device for 1 hour.

No, the bill calculator is not 100 % accurate. It gives you an idea of your electricity bill using meter readings and tariff rates. However, the bill may differ due to imposed taxes and additional charges.

You must not enter your reference number or consumer ID to calculate your e-bill.

This calculator is designed for residential and commercial users, offering a simple and quick estimation process.

The 14-digit reference number is mentioned in your bill’s top left corner. For detail visit MEPCO Bill

The MEPCO tariff rates depend on the electricity you have consumed, with higher rates for increased usage. Moreover, rates vary based on connection type and load category, such as commercial and industrial users facing higher rates.

Multiply the total units you have consumed by the current unit price set by MEPCO. To get the total units used in one month, subtract the previous month’s units from the current month’s. This practice will help you to know more accurate results.