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MEPCO is responsible for supplying electricity to its customers in a well-organized and efficient way. For this purpose, MEPCO MIS is one of the most authentic systems, maintaining records for all its customers and making it easy to find information about their usage and services. If you want to know about the user’s history with MEPCO or need to identify defaulters with pending charges, this amazing system is the most valuable resource. 

The MIS system is managed and administered by skilled staff members and line managers. It is a web-based portal allowing customers to check their bills and other relevant data. Users can log in using unique credentials, establishing a seamless connection with MEPCO’s services. The operation of MEPCO is entrusted to skilled staff, including admin teams and line managers. 

MEPCO MIS online is a user-friendly web portal designed for customers’ ease. MEPCO is the abbreviation of Multan Electric Power Company and helps over 13000000 Pakistans, especially in southern Punjab, brighten their homes. This company serves 13 districts of South Punjab conveniently. 

In 2016, MEPCO introduced the MIS system because of the increasing number of customers. They introduced this portal to store customer’s information effectively and efficiently, making it simple to handle their issues in no time. This system covers complaints, court histories, pending recovery details, new applications, bill corrections, etc. In 2024, this effective and well-organized system is now ready to help people more effectively.

Access the MIS System

If you wish to access the MIS web portal to check the bill history, consumed units, estimated bill, or any other related information that you are interested then follow these steps:

  • Click on the official MEPCO online MIS website.
  • Choose the Employ Corner in the menu bar.
  • Choose the MIS system.
  • You will be taken to the MIS system
  • Now, enter your username and password to log in.

How Does the MIS System Work?

The effective MIS online system allows customers to access and assist consumers promptly. It is accessible around the clock for valued consumers without any delays.

 The process of logging into the MIS system is very simple. Authorized employees are tasked to organize customer data. The admin team also has the task of keeping the system in good shape and making sure it’s regularly updated to reduce the chances of anyone misusing the information. With the help of this system, consumers can easily approach customers who have queries or problems relevant to electricity and solve them within 24 hours. 

MIS Features

The key features of the MIS system are mentioned below for a better understanding. People with authentic web portal access can check these details and solve customer’s problems.

  • Details of Billing
  • Account Information
  • Complaint Management System
  • MEPCO Web-portal Access
  • Online Payments
  • 24/7 Services

As a customer, you can get all these services conveniently using MIS MEPCO services, which are powerful and efficient tools.


The MEPCO app is a great feature of the MIS portal login for MEPCO company, improving things. It is the easiest way for customers to pay bills online, review billing history, manage complaints, and get answers effortlessly. 

This mobile app helps simplify connection management and makes it better and easier. It allows quick bill payments, assisting users to avoid the worry of electricity disconnection due to unpaid or delayed bills.


The MEPCO MIS is a well-organized information system that ensures a smooth experience for its consumers. This effective system securely stores all user data and credentials, protecting the company from fraud. 

MEPCO’s administration and line managers use this system to address customers’ issues quickly. As a consumer, you can conveniently use this system to check your account details, pay your bills, file complaints, and access other features through the official website. You can also perform this through the MEPCO app by downloading the app. 


Q. How can I access MIS to check my billing status?

To check your billing status through MEPCO MIS, visit the official website or download the app for further convenience.  

Q. Is MIS secure to use online?

Yes, it is secure and safe; you can use this system to save time and money. 

Q. What is MIS? 

MIS stands for Management Information System. It is a well-organized online system designed to manage customer’s information, billing details, and other useful services.  

Q. Is MIS free to use? 

Yes, it’s free to use, and no extra or hidden charges to use this system. 

Q. Can customers access the MIS portal through the mobile app?

Consumers can conveniently access the MIS portal through the mobile app, which offers flexibility and ease of use.

Q. Can non-MEPCO employees access the MIS portal?

No, the MIS portal is only for MEPCO-authorized users, including employees, staff members, etc.

Q. Why did MEPCO introduce the MIS system?

The MIS system was introduced in 2016 due to the increasing number of consumers. Its main purpose was to feed customer information efficiently.

Q. How does the MEPCO MIS contribute to customer care?

The MIS allows consumers to access and assist consumers 24/7, solving their queries or problems related to electricity within a 24-hour timeframe.

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